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Zaki Duo

The Zāki Duo are a Sydney-based ensemble who play an eclectic mix of

world, classical and popular music. They have performed across Sydney and

surrounding regions including recently a sold out show at Pigeon Lane

Gallery ONE88 and a MiniMusica concert.

Isabel and Ariel both studied classical music and have led multifaceted

careers as freelance musicians since graduating from their music studies. In

forming the Zāki Duo, Isabel and Ariel wanted to explore their mutual love of

music from different places and cultures, and to bring to the "gigging space"

something a bit different to your standard classical act.

They set out arranging pieces from around the world for guitar and violin, as

well as timeless pop songs and classical pieces, resulting in a cool and quirky

repertoire. Their performances traverse everything from jazz legends like

George Gershwin and Django Reinhardt, the classical masters like Bach and

Debussy, to film music and interesting selections of Persian, Brazilian and

Spanish music, and much more.

Isabel attained her masters degree in violin performance from the Sydney

Conservatorium in 2021 and her thesis and recital centred around Kurdish

and Persian folk music and violin/ kemanche music. Her recital included her

own transcriptions from the genre as well as some more standard western

music that was influenced by the east.


Zaki Duo have arranged some of the works she learned through her degree into

their repertoire for example ‘Parfume de Gitane’ by Anour Brahem.

Ariel is one of Australia’s leading classical guitarist. Ariel’s debut album of

guitar duets entitled ‘Alchemy’ was released on ABC Classic, reached #2 on

the ARIA classical music charts and features regularly on ABC Classic FM.

Ariel studied the guitar at Australia’s leading guitar department at the

Australian National University, under the guidance of Timothy Kain, where he

was awarded a Bachelor of Music with first class honours. Outside of

performing, Ariel is a committed guitar teacher. He runs a private studio and

teaches in a number of schools in Sydney

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