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Tristan Bonython

Tristan’s love of music and DJing is unmatched. As local Sydney-based DJ, Tristan has played all over Sydney at weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, boat parties and much more.

He has ALL genres on tap. He’s ready to mix pop music, hip hop, rap, rock, house, disco, funk, soul, R&B, chart music, singalongs and bangers from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s up to current day.

He’s happy to specialise in whatever music you want for your night. Always polite, always well dressed, always on time. Tristan is well prepared and well suited for any type of event. You’ll love having him play for you and your guests! P.s. He’s happy to take requests!

With gigs at Sydney's leading venues such as Ivy Pool, Argyle and The Newport, Tristan is a DJ to keep an eye on over the next few years! 

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