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Tiana Martel

Tiana Martel is one of Sydneys’ most vibrant up & coming singers. Tiana being Canadian and Australian, naturally gifts her with an international flair. Her bluesy tone is unmistakable, deeply colorful and jam packed with attitude.


With a handful of successful shows under her wing, Tiana has been wowing audiences at popular venues and corporate events with her own band, made up of a selection of high profile musicians.


Specializing in duo, trio or 4 piece performances, Tiana can cater to any type of event. She is fresh, charismatic and filled with undeniable groove. Blending RnB, Blues, Pop, Jazz and Rock in one highly captivating show.


Tiana has become an accomplished singer, songwriter and performer with a sophisticated sass & style. Her growing talent has gained her the reputation to be able to deliver lyrics with passion, honesty and has the remarkable gift to connect with her audience instantly.

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