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The Martini Club

From performances at The Playboy Mansion (L.A.), to playing at each and every one of Australia’s leading festivals, 

The Martini Club have been the most sought after live sound system in Australia.


By mashing up their modern electronic dance music with classic cover songs ranging from the 70s to present day Top 40, The Martini Club are able to draw in such a wide range audience demographic, from teenagers who love listening to all the current songs on Nova radio, to the Baby Boom generation who crave Martini Club’s remixes of their favourite 1970s soul music.


The Martini Club have an arsenal of Australia’s most talented performers, including vocalists Reigan Derry (Australian Idol, Scarlett Belle), Sharon Muscat (Sister2Sister), Angelina Ciccotti, Rob Edwards,Cavan Te, Adam Katz, Michelle Martinez, and Muma Megs. The other members include Adam ‘Sloth’ Burrell on the trumpet (formally with Australia’s no.1 hip hop band Metabass ‘n’ Breath and electro-clash outfit the Stick Figures), Will Farge on the sax, Pascal Pouzet on decks/percussion (Field Day, Good Vibrations Festival, and Sounds On Sunday),and drumming maestro Mark Olsen (MTV Music Awards, Pussycat Dolls support).

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