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The Mad Hatters

Starting out as a loop project to rehearse saxophone, The Mad Hatters is now Melbourne’s foremost live Electro-Swing outfit.  With recent Gatsby hype the Mad Hatters have been in high demand with their highly infectious remixed swing beats mixed with the incredible live vocals and live saxophone from Sammy Sax.  Currently vocalists include Emerson Alexander and Joshua Tavares.


Having performed as dj-sax solo version, The Mad Hatters can expand from the regular trio to include Trombone and percussion for the full effect band.  Other occasions have included accordion, acoustic piano, a second saxophone and electric violin.


With sets of Electro-Swing, Funky-Jazzy House + popular soul music, The Mad Hatters can create a progressive soundscape of live music to build throughout an event.  They also have the added bonus of a DJ to play in set breaks and as required.


Generally requested to perform at more sophisticated functions, The Mad Hatters have a true party sensibility at heart and can rock a dance floor.


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