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Ron E Jones

Ron E Jones is an artist/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. In his hometown, he has established himself as one of the country’s premier pop music songwriters, working behind the scenes writing for many of Australia’s top pop stars.


Meanwhile in Malaysia, he is more recognized as the artist from the breakthrough number one single Tear Us Apart, with Malaysian songstress Nadhira and the number one radio single Chikaro, with Caprice. With his own debut solo single, Time Machine hitting radio now Malaysia, the question many may be pondering is “how did he end up in Malaysia?”

Well the answer is a lot simpler than one would expect.


At the start of 2011 he was invited by Whats Up Entertainment to contribute to Siti Nurhaliza’s English album ‘All Your Love’. After writing the song ‘Stand up’ for Siti, whilst in Kuala Lumpur, Jones was impressed by local act Nadhira who was enjoying some radio success at the time.


After tracking Nadhira down through his management, they met up and literally wrote ‘Tear Us Apart’ on the spot (along with Jones’ producer and songwriting partner Tom Diesel). The song became her lead single and the rest as they say is history…

So fast forward a year, after ‘Tear Us Apart’ took the #1 spot on all major Malaysian English radio stations, won Best Pop Song at the VIMA Music Awards 2012, various promo trips to KL, Siti’s album launch, tv/ radio appearances and a mini feature with rapper Caprice, Ron E Jones is finally ready to release his debut solo single ‘Time Machine’.

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