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Pinnacle Sound System

Pinnacle Sound System is a unique collective of Sydney’s finest musicians and DJs from the Pinnacle Entertainment roster.  Ranging from a small duo (DJ and vocalist), up to a 6 piece live band (DJ, sax, drums, male vocalist, female vocalist, and percussion), Using Sydney’s elite musicians from bands such as Martini Club, White Soul, Fear of Dawn, La Fiesta Sound System, these guys will exceed all expectations.


Pinnacle Sound System excel in musical versatility.  They are able to provide chill-out background music at cocktail events, or get the dance-floor exploding with their energetic club style House Music.  As a DJ is a member of the band, they are able to perform a non-stop show for hours by having the DJ playing through the band breaks.


Pinnacle Sound System currently plays weekly gigs at Manly Wine, Newport Arms, Bungalow 8, New Brighton Hotel and Shore Club.


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