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Nate Stephensen

Nate has worked professionally in the music and events industry for over a decade, as a DJ, MC, songwriter, bandleader, producer and composer, having written and produced songs that have received rotation on Triple J and FBI Radio, as well as being included on the roster of major Australian music festivals. 


With a love for hip hop, dance, indie and jazz music, one of Nate’s greatest joys is seeing the way music can change the mood in a room, and how it can get people moving. A fan of music from all time periods and places, he’s happy to spend an evening playing you all your favourite songs, or finding the right vibe for the room and curating a mix that suits the occasion. 


Nate loves a chat and will be more than happy to connect with you prior to your special day to make sure everything is in it’s right place. Most of all, he’s an easy guy to make laugh, and promises to find your friend’s speeches at least somewhat funny. 


    His DJ setup includes: 

    ⁃    2x700 watt Alto Speakers w. stands.

    ⁃    Pioneer XDJ-RX1

    ⁃    MacBook Pro 

    ⁃    Wireless microphone 

    ⁃    Foldout table 

    ⁃    Dance floor light

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