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Nada Leigh

Nada-Leigh is one of those artists that can sing anything you throw at them. The Electronic Diva mixes the influences of House with the ability and acrobatics of RnB vocals. Think: “contagious house music meets a dirty and full of attitude Mariah Carey”.


This powerhouse made her debut into Australian TV sets when she first appeared in the Aussie version of the X Factor series with her girl group “Element”. Even in those early days, while learning the ropes and getting her confidence on stage, Nada-Leigh impressed the audiences enough to secure her a spot in the very competitive Bootcamp stages of the competition and get a request from the judges to return the following year.


Despite the brief media exposure, that was enough to get heads turning for Nada, plus get Element some exciting reviews and following from fans from all over the Country. A year later, Nada-Leigh returned to the competition as a solo performer with the power and confidence of a well-seasoned artist. Her incredible range and unbelievable presence got the Judges to pick her as one of the members of the show’s very own Girl Group “XOX”. Her powerful performances got her and the group a spot in the Top 10 finalists in the competition.


The 21 year old’s contagious energy and sassy attitude has charmed the Australian public and she is now ready to take over the world ‘’.


“Nada, those vocals nobody’s done them on X Factor before EVER! ”… “you can sing.” – Dannii Minogue


“You are the complete Pop Star, you’ve got the look, you know how to command the stage… you are a threat in this competition” – Ronan Keating


“You are an intelligent artist and I can work with that!” “It was phenomenal… I love that” – Red Foo (LMFAO).




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