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For over fifteen years, Livo has been busy building a name for himself as one of the players in Sydney’s modern music scene. To clubbers, Livo is best known as a nightclub Dj, with his ability to get even the smallest crowd jumping when he appears at many venues across Sydney.


For the last decade he has gone from being a fan alone, to rocking dance floors around the Sydney club scene with his blend of Progressive & Peak Hour House/Electro. Getting his roots from local legends, he has evolved into a fan favourite in Sydney. Livo has also seen his share of ‘out of Sydney’ travelling up the east coast of Australia, even the infamous Gold Coast.


The key to Livo’s success is his versatility. Unlike many nightclub Djs, who constrain themselves to a narrow sub-genre of music, Livo’s broad musical taste and many years of experience make him a versatile party starter equally comfortable in the biggest of mainstream main rooms or in the shadows of the deepest underground house music parties. His versatility spans many genres of music including House, Electro, Electro-Pop, Hip Hop, and Mashups.


As a support Dj, Livo has opened up for some of the bigger names in the industry, including Mark Dynamix, Martini Club, and White Soul. He has also played as a special guest to combine his unique talent alongside these artists, and his versatility has also brought him to the forefront of Sydney’s house scene.


He has been requested to play at many parties for high profile clients like McDonalds, Google, Newcrest Mining, & MASA Safety.


Of course, Livo’s involvement in Sydney’s modern music community goes far beyond just playing records. Since 2001, he has catered for a variety of acts including live bands, Dj and percussion accompanied sets, and Djs combined with a live vocal element.

Livo also teams up with Chi-Key (Chi-Keyer-Livo) to give the party goers a unique experience. This duo act has seen many clubs across Sydney wanting more and more well past closing time. They have an un-canny ability to complement each other’s different styles of music giving the clubbers a wide diversity of music and keeps the crowd jumping all night long.


In an industry where it can sometimes seem like any kid with a pair or turntables and a box of records can call himself a Dj, Livo’s quiet confidence and consistency stands as testament to the sort of professionalism that only comes after years as a full-time working Dj. As one veteran of Sydney’s nightclub music community puts it: “No one can put it together better than Livo can. He’s been doing this a long time, and he’s been around long enough to know what works.” Which, if you’ve seen him in action, you probably already know.

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