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Krystie Steve


Welcome to the bright, intimate, classy and addictive world of Krystie Steve!

She invites you to feel, listen and indulge in a magical musical experience.

Krystie, is a well-known performer/entertainer in the Sydney Scene, as a talented singer/songwriter, dancer, host and model.


This young lady has broken into the music scene with a blast!

Rocking many stages in Sydney with her unique style and capturing performances. With her sights set high and her dreams in reach Krystie is pushing music to new levels.

Influenced by her father from a young age, Krystie has taken the industry by the horns with a powerful voice and capturing stage presence she has never lost sight of her dreams and her heart’s desires!

Krystie is set for BIG things and doing all she can to make her music deliver smiles to all her listeners.


In her current works with International producers, she is taking music to a whole new level, cutting edge, quirky, electric, soulful and sexy! Greatly influenced by Funk, RnB, Soul, Pop and Blues.

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