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It is exactly as the name states:

hybrid |ˈhīˌbrid|

a thing made by combining different elements; a mixture:

A Hybrid of 3 talented musicians.


A Hybrid of styles, from old school soul to new school house.

A Hybrid style of performance: continuous sets of music, seamlessly crossing genres.

In theory, it could not be much simpler.


Hybrid is the coming together of a select few of Sydney’s finest. Between us we have performed and recorded around the world, lending our talents to artists from all corners of the globe.


Hybrid is essentially a trio. Simple, small,versatile, compact, yet delivering a sound greater than the sum of its parts. The group can be expanded if necessary, 3 people can easily become more if you want a larger band on stage, however, in most cases 3 will suffice.

Hybrid can deliver a large range of music stylistically, and can morph into various modes to suit your needs. From acoustic style performance of acoustic guitar or piano, percussion, and vocals perfect for wedding ceremonies, to background jazz sets, soul inspired numbers, and dance floor fillers.


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