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Hayley Milano

The daughter of a professional drummer who played with the likes of Tommy Emanuel and Marcia Hines, it was inevitable that Hayley would pursue a career in music. Originally from the north coast of NSW, Hayley moved to Sydney at a young age and studied dance at ED5, at 19 she worked in musical theater for many years, emulating characters such as Madonna, Cher & Tina Turner. She toured up and down the coast with them for a considerable time before she found herself in acting school where she completing an advanced her diploma. Hayley then decide to embark on developing her musical career. Music has taken Hayley to create her own nights at Club 77, several burlesque venues where she had over 11 different live acts working for her…. It’s time for Hayley to develop her own career, once you’ve experienced her dolce tones coupled with her addictive melodies, you will be hooked!


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