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Hal Higgs

Hal is a multi-talented, experienced musician who plays drums, guitar, piano and DJ's. He's been involved in music, composition and musical production since an early age. Most of his life is dedicated to his love of music, so he has a wide range knowledge, songs, genres, decades and playlists ready for any function.


He's mixed music at almost every event type - including weddings, clubs, private parties, corporate and more. He's well prepared for any celebration and is happy to take requests and suggestions to make your night completely customised with your music choice. With years and years of experience in the music industry, Hal has worked with many clients from all over Australia. His portable equipment setup is: 2 x 700w Alto Speakers. Stands. Pioneer XDJ RX2. Laptop. Foldout Table. Dance floor Lights. Wireless Microphone. 

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