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Fire Breathing

We can provide artistic fire shows for any entertainment occasion. Style, theme, length of show and number of performers, or choose from our shows below.



Show 1: Energy In Motion
A unique and stylish performance combining fire, kung fu and dance. The show involves technical, graceful and high-energy fire spinning, with hand and weapon forms from the Chang Quan families of Kung Fu, dance routines and gymnastics. All fused to create a fire show like no other. This is a not-to-be-missed fire spectacle indoors and out.



Show 2: Fusion
A male and female act fusing masculine and feminine dance, partner poi and partner staff, synchronised routines and highly skilled solo performances, all perfectly choreographed to captivating music. Power and grace fused with fire, a stunning performance for all occasions.



Show 3: Rhythm Of Fire 
A three-person show combining fire, dance and live percussion. A captivating performance that stimulates and heightens the senses for all ages, indoors and out. By using equipment from around the world: staffs, poi, ropes, hoops, fans, drums and incorporating Kung Fu, bongos and synchronised dance routines. Rhythm Of Fire is a breathtaking show filled with excitement and amazement. Rhythm Of Fire will produce a marvel exhibition for all events.



Show 4: Fire Beats
Unique fire performance with breathtaking beats. Live percussion with D’jembe and bongo drums generating and organic atmosphere while a fire performer dances to the rhythm. A mesmerising show with flow, beats and flames. If you’re looking to add some live energy to your event then Fire Beats is the show for you. 


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