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Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn is a collective of professionally

acclaimed musicians who create memorable entertainment for their audiences.

They see each performance as a unique opportunity to tailor the

entertainment to your requirements.


With experience crafted in both

international and local performances, they are able to provide sensational

soloists, duos, trios and bands ranging from popular 4 piece bands up to a full

sounding 9 piece big band which can be supported by energetic dancers.

Talented in a broad range of genres, the band delivers R&B, jazz, soul, rock,

and both those generational and current favourite hits, which have audiences

smiling, moving, and dancing the night away.

The team is very focused in supporting their clients with tailored musical

entertainment so as to truly make their event or venue a huge success with

their guests. Whether it be a very special wedding, corporate event, private

party, or entertainment at a venue, Dusk Till Dawn is highly professional in

working with you to ensure that both the right atmosphere and special

moments are effortlessly captured.

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