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DJ Chri5

Chri5 (Chris Maiolo) has been performing various music genres around Sydney's bars and clubs for the past few years including - Ivy Pool, Shore Club, Hugos Lounge, The Argyle, Mona Vale Hotel. The Bayview, The Collaroy, and The Morrison. 


Being a lover of music from a young age sent Chri5 on a musical journey to get his hands on two turntables and a mixer.  He started mixing dance music in the early 2000s, and as time went on and genres changed, he always searched for the uplifting tunes to play in his sets regardless of the genre.

Chri5 grew up listening an extensive range of hip hop & rnb,  so he found himself sampling or dropping Acapellas into his house sets.    Chri5 has been working on my own sounds with his original music production for a few years with DJs around the world playing his remixes at Clubs.   His first original release is scheduled to be released in 2021.  


Chri5 takes pride in his performances and enjoys seeing people’s reactions to the music he has spent years of sourcing for his gigs.

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