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Buble & the Legends of Swing

The Buble Legends of Swing Show brings back the timeless style of swing and the power of the big band.


The show captures the amazing talent, sounds and style of the ever popular Michael Buble, Dean Martin, Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey and many more, featuring the tunes that were made famous by an array of amazing crooners and swooners throughout the swing era.


The fantastic 7-11 piece band is comprised of Sydney’s most talented swing musicians, featuring Adem Ozbakan on vocals with the High Rollers Big Band, who deliver swing with extraordinary conviction and power. The band’s ability to portray the sound and vocal talent of Michael Buble is second to none.


Joining the High Rollers are dynamic and talented female vocalists who will raise the roof and have the dance floor swinging. Combined with gorgeous stage dancers, and the powerhouse band, this show takes the audience to the classic dance hall days when music was played by talented musicians and the dance floor was always full.

Prepare to dance the night away in a by gone era!

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