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The Blackbird Collective

Sydney born 5 piece Pop/Rock/Folk band The Blackbird Collective have been putting their experience together piece by piece for just over a year.


Formerly the Cam Nacson Band, the six singers, songwriters and musicians have found they are strongest together, forming songs through their love of lavished, solid and unapologetically passionate music.

Made up of Cam Nacson, Ashleigh O’Brien, Toby Chew, Matt Binskin & Toby Fredkin, there’s no shortage of experience in this young group of six.


Cam Nacson has been kicking around since the noughties, having toured the states in 2011 and released a few self produced EPs which have found growing popularity on Spotify, Nacson decided it was time to grow the sound and take it to the next level.

The Blackbird Collective then toured Australia with US Singer/Songwriter Ron Pope on his 2014 tour and received an incredible response, adding to their ever growing supporter base.

At the same time, their single “No Other Plan” rocketed to the 42nd most played song on American Radio.

Earlier this year, they released their debut self-produced EP "From There to Here", with successful EP launch shows in both Sydney & Melbourne, cementing their sound base to ever evolve.

With their independent debut album “Home” set for release in early 2016, The Blackbird Collective join the list of some amazing up and coming Australian acts to watch out for.

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